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The operator paris online sports Unbent, who continues his rise in territory, offers its members free bet on the outcome of the presidential election whose outcome will be known on Sunday evening, according to Reuters, taken by the website daily Les Echoes. Back on this unprecedented initiative in France.

Unbent has announced in a statement that paris on the winner, spreads, participation rates at noon, 17 hours and 20 hours, the results by region and the number of departments in which the winner would come in mind were open Thursday on Sunday evening. The ratings of the two candidates, developed by professionals cotters site evolve until Sunday evening live on the specially created for the occasion.

The site said that, like sporting events, changing odds on the various possible outcomes "will reflect the probability of the outcome, especially with regard to the difference between the two contenders."

The winner will be the punter having made the largest number of picks winners among those proposed in accordance with the results published by the Ministry of the Interior. In case of a tie, the winner will be drawn. The winner "will choose according to their political affinities.

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