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This method is, as mentioned, quite complicated in its development, and is especially useful in cases where the difference is very small value. If you want to start learning how to calculate value, we recommend starting with the simplified method, and see how it works this betting strategy. It accompanies who bets, which gives importance and need seasoning happy or we complicates everything. So there you have it laying plans objectives and be real careful.

We must proceed with caution in this wonderful world and if we achieve a significant money, not to believe that we are the best players to win bets. We must continue with the same humility and with care not to lose everything.

You must have a lot of patience, self-control and, above all, experience, to determine the right time to switch bet. Otherwise we are very clear, it is preferable to stay with our initial bet. This means that for every € 100 wagered (or received by the bookmaker, which is the same), this will pay € 100 less your benefit, resulting in about 93 € in total.


With Implied Odds method, we calculate first profit indicator. This will give us, as resulted, the actual payment to the bookmaker makes per unit staked. The bookmaker never pay 100% of the wager, the difference is your profit or commission.

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